KINOKOMA is an online label. It was born out of a desire to release music and out of the necessity to do so independently of the music industry.

In times like these, when indie labels have taken over the working practices of the mainstream and start using buzz words like “capacities”, “break-even” and “selling points”, when they have to beg independent distributors for every release, the internet presents a smart solution to avoid all of this. We do not resent them – indie labels are part of the system, if they want to or not. After all, we could also press 500 CDs and either sell them cumbersomely via our online shop (for which we either have the time or the money, but unfortunately not both). Or we could use those boxes of CDs as furniture.

What the barcode is for retail, the physical sound carrier is for some representatives of the “indie media”. And whatever is worth nothing in their eyes, is obviously worth nothing in the eyes of the consumer. The dilemma is this: When music is given away for free, it is perceived as uninteresting; when it costs money, it is completely out of the question.


The aim of KINOKOMA is to initiate change. This is why we offer every release as a free download, including artwork. Just pretend it’s “real”. Because that’s what it is. And time will prove us right.


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