Postironic ode of postmodern postgirl: I love you Mikrofisch

Let's be honest, we are all poisoned with pop culture. Every day there is more and more music, new bands are being meassured by its relevance, influence on scene, obscurity or lunacy of its name, we all have opinion about each song of each band.
And suddenly you have the desire to say "to hell with it" and leave it all behind.
My poison was indie. And antidote: homonymous album of Mikrofisch and their undeniable hit single: "The Kids Are All Shite".
And then the whole new world of songs which delt with all the problems of a modern lassie who had too much time to spare or with arrogance to afford some, opened. From "Bad Hair Days", over "I Never Get Much Sleep On Weekdays", all untill ultimately romantically nostalgic "Lets Kiss And Listen To Biss".
It's not all about the lyrics. Their music is perfect match of well thought lyrics, synths, gentle electro-pop and above all, endlessly entertaining show ( i really do wanna see them wrapped up in that tin-foil on typical exit's +30ºC). After Berlin's indie pop days in September last years, it was rumored that they were new favorites of twee pop scene...
You know what? I'll be working on this Exit Festival. Probably i won't have a chance to see any of it. Except one. For it i will create time. I'll be in first row with my sister. I have several wishes, hope they fulfill them all :/
„We’re the twenty-somethings we’re the part time punks, we get our records from e-bay and our clothes from H&M. Don’t look back in anger, today will be OK, tomorrow will be much like yesterday...“ 

By: Bojana Kovačević, Radio Elektrana 

The story so far...

Having met in Cologne in 2001, Mawe N. Klave and Silvi Wersi intended to cover The Smiths but ended up recording four originals and a brilliantly intimate lo-fi version of Morrissey´s Everyday Is Like Sunday on fourtrack. After their first gig in a Regensburg record shop, local label Schinderwies released the EP Please Excuse Our Bad English containing the five Cologne recordings. 

They quickly started to play anywhere that would have them, living room festivals, parties and boats, and pretty much all around Germany, and 2002 saw a couple of short tours, as well as contributions for several compilations. Despite being a long-distance band, Silvi and Mawe managed to record a number of new songs to complete their full-length debut Gleichstrom/Wechselstrom (German for AC/DC), released in cooperation by Schinderwies (white vinyl LP) and keplar (CD). Side A contains the five tracks from the EP, remastered by Hans Christian Fuss (The Robocop Kraus), side B nine new recordings, for which Mikrofisch extended their use of instruments (organ, glockenspiel, melodica) and switched to digital recording. The album's second cover, Little Red Go-Kart by Nuremberg-based 80's/90's Twee heroes Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan, made it to #1 in the college radio charts of Sapporo, Japan.

In 2003, Schinderwies released a split 7" of Mikrofisch and Uwik, Mikrofisch's part being their new song Morning Bus. In retrospect, Morning Bus builds a bridge from their earlier guitar-oriented bedroom indie to more extroverted synth-driven pop.

2004 to 2007 brought some changes of scenery, ending up with Silvi living in London and Mawe living in Hamburg. However, the only release was another cover, Hong Kong Garden by Siouxsie And The Banshees, appearing on Schinderwies label compilation Roommates.  More and more instruments were accumulated from flea markets and ebay; some were even built from scratch, like Mawe's infamous Tupperware Theremin. 

The tempo increased dramatically when Mawe visited Silvi in London at the end of 2006. On a night bus, riding home from a crappy indie party, Silvi wondered if there was a song called The Kids Are All Shite. 
On the next day, there was, as well as the title of Mikrofisch's second album, Masters of the Universe.

In 2010, they released the Italo Disco-inspired 'Mauro Farina/Delusions of Decay', and made their first ever music video for this. In 2011, they played Exit Festival in Serbia, Another Sunny Night in Paris and celebrated their 10-year anniversary with a Mini-Festival in Hamburg and an EP. In 2012, they played Indietracks Festival in UK. In 2013, they released a new song called "Church of Goth-Hop" on a Fanzine Compilation.

Live, they've come a long way from thrashing their cardboard indie guitars to disco spacesuits, by way of glow sticks, e-drums and pom poms.


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